Thursday, April 27, 2006

Home again

I am so glad I had a few days off. Funny how 3 days not at work can make you feel like a million bucks. My cop was at a conference for a few days, so I tagged along. We were in DC at a NICE hotel. Gotta love being spoiled and pampered. I must say, people up there cannot drive. I spent the whole way home with some Saab driving bitch up my as.

So, back to work tonight. Unfortunately its prom weekend. I hate prom, we always get kids in wrecks this weekend. Even better, we have the NASCAR races in town coming up. I don't worry about the drivers coming in as much as I do the crazy-ass fans. We are guaranteed at least one or two drunks from the track. Last year we had one that fell off the top of the stands (I heard someone dared him to stand on the fence) he fell from the top and bounced! I shit you not. The man had some bumps and bruises, and probably one hell of a hangover, but otherwise was fine.

I only have about 2-3 more weeks of Dr Rock and then he is done with trauma night float. Actually, I heard that he is being held back a year because he has had so many issues. Yeah, he sucks. The doc we have coming next is a rock star. I love working with her. Will have to come up with a good nickname when she starts.

I'm gonna get rolling. Have been bass-ackward schedule-wise and need to get back on the night shift schedule.

When the po-lice say 'Get out of the car' Let go of the steering wheel and get out of the fucking car. (thats for you mr hicks. .. we'll talk more on you later) ;)


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