Sunday, April 30, 2006


A note on teenagers... we all know that many of them have a sense of invincibility. They do crazy stuff and think that nothing will hurt them. Last night was proof that this way of thinking is very very wrong. I had a bunch of traumas last night.... most of them teenage boys, and most of them very badly injured.

19 year old was not wearing a seatbelt while riding in the car with his buddy. When they wrecked the car folded around him. He was unconscious, tubed and had no breath sounds of the right. The flight crew darted his chest 3 times and he would still drop his O2 sats. He crumped on me in the trauma room. When they cracked his chest in the OR both of his lungs were destroyed. He's either going to die or be a veggie like that Terri Schivo person.

They driver had a C1 fracture and promptly told me to go fuck myself rather than touch him. What a grasp of the English language we have there. I whispered sweet nothings into his ear and he shut up pretty fast. Had another 17 year old, no seatbelt, high speed, alcohol and cocaine rolled the jacked up truck and flew (a la evil kenievel) out of the windshield. I told him that this was a reminder to wear his seatbelt from now on. He said "Fuck a seatbelt, I won't wear it." Hmmmm.... lets just crack his chest here and now and save some time. The state trooper has him tail, so enjoy jail buddy.

No matter how many times you tell them these kids just don't fucking listen. What is it going to take? Two of those kids have a very good chance of going to jail... and they totally deserve it. I wish I could take pictures and show them... but I doubt that would work either.



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