Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tina Tuna and a Shitty Friday

Ok, so I was going to try to post this yesterday as well, but I screwed up the computer. What can I say I'm a nurse, not a computer geek. Thursday night sucked, last night did too.

Thursday I picked up the trauma room from a girl that REALLY didn't need to be in there. Guy had driven into a building and it collapsed on the truck. It took a while to get him out of the truck since his pissed off dog was in the car and was none to happy to see the firefighters. Well, my guy had a BP of 70... dropped to 40... and this nurse didn't do shit about it. I had blood on the level 1 and in in about 2 minutes.

I had another pt that worried me as well. 8 year old way playing in a home under construction and fell out the window. She was flown in from another hospital with a splenic fracture (grade 5 spleen). Picture a ripe plum.... then throw it down as hard as possible. Mush... right? Thats what her spleen looked like. Kept a close eye on her. Her fish's name is Tina Tuna.... hence the name of this post.

So last night sucked pretty bad as well. There is something weird about walking in to work. The ambulance bay is about 100 yards long and can give you an idea of how your night is gonna go. If you walk around the corner and its wall to wall ambulances then you can figure that its going to be a zoo. However, I think I'd rather see a parking lot in the driveway than have it empty. Its eerie, almost ominous that way. Your steps echo and there is a heavy feeling... like you are on the verge of something terrible. I rounded the corner last night and there were unmarked police cars everywhere. Considering I know a bunch of the PD guys through my cop this was a terrifying sight. Something bad was going on. Even closer I saw the captains of several; precincts, the assistant chief and watch commanders. Turns out a recruit was riding his motorcycle home from work and was hit by a surburban. He had coded once on scene and was crashing. I saw him on his way to the OR. I get goosebumps now just thinking about it. I found out later that he died on the OR table. Breaks my heart.

So the night came and went. Bullshit and some real sick people.... and then there was the guy who wanted his toenails cut. UGH... homeless guy. Lets not talk about the smell.

Don't pee on the wall outside the ER. You'll get arrested for that!


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