Wednesday, May 17, 2006

C-R-A-Z-Y Part II

Hour and hours later I am awake again. I don't think I realize how tired I get some nights until I just go down, BAM, like a narcoleptic space cadet in scrubs. Its hard to explain that feeling to my cop. Yes, we work pretty much the same hours, but he sits in the car for a lot of the night. I know he has to be extremely aware of his surroundings (god I hope so), but they are able to take care of each other. There are nights where he gets to "Celebrate Hanukkah", or "go fishing"...code words for taking a nap. We don't usually get that option. Every now and then when we are having a SLOOOOWWW night I can crash in the 4th trauma bay for a little bit. I have to keep one ear open for either 1) Triage calling a trauma alert or 2)The rest of the staff (led by Dr B) doing an ambush on me.

Most of the other folks I had last night were pretty nice and easy. I honestly don't know what to do with people like that sometimes. I am so used to the drunks, the punks and the assholes that a nice person can really throw me for a loop. These are the peeps that I try to pull out all the stops for, but they usually don't even ask. See, they are too nice for that. The assholes want the concierge and butler at the bedside to take care of their every whim. Sorry, but this is not 'Hospital Cribs' guys. So sit down, eat your dry turkey sandwich and warm ginger ale and be quiet!

So I know my spare time has been an interesting topic. Not sure why so much of it is work related. Anyway, am off tonight... have a community project tonight. Kids and parents coming. The parents get to listen to a psychologist talk about why teenagers are the way they are. I am helping present the consequences of risky behavior to teenagers. We do trauma scenarios, role playing and lots of gory pictures to keep their attention. I really enjoy talking to the kids. I'm younger than most of the nurses, so I think the kids can relate to me. My cop is coming with me, Obviously, his role will be that of... a cop. I think he will "arrest" drunk drivers and maybe make notification to the families of our kids on the role play activity. He will do great.

So its 5am... I'm going into the city to visit my cop. Its one of our 'things.'

When they say "Construction area, Hard Hats Required" its probably a good idea to wear one.


Blogger Chris said...

I laughed when I read what you said about the nice ones don't ask. I just started reading your blog recently and am REALLY enjoying it.

Anyway, my husband had reason to be in the ER a couple weeks ago- turned out to be kidney stones but we were concerned it might be a sudden hot appendix because of how miserable he got how fast and where the pain was. Anyway, we're those people who never ask, just thank everyone and try not to be a bother unless there's NO choice. So after sitting in ER for about 6 hours there was a shift change and the new nurse came in and said to me (he was pretty drugged) aren't you freezing? Teeth chatting I said I was, she said why haven't you said anything and I said I didn't want to bother anyone. She looked at me like I 'd lost my mind and informed me the day shift must all be experiencing menopausal symptoms because it's always freezing there. I admit I had hubs clothes piled on top of me and was huddled inside my sweater in jeans in a ball in a chair away from air vents-- on flick of a switch an suddenly we weren't frozen solid anymore. And while I got chastised, I still thought ER nurses had more to worry about than if we were chilled to the bone.

5 minutes later we got to go home. But it was so nice and I was SO appreciative of her, and I still wouldn't have asked.

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