Thursday, May 11, 2006

Street Medics

Tonight was another night off. Since my cop had to work, I decided to do something productive and not babysit the dog and the sofa. I'm friends with many of the city medics and decided to hop on a truck and put my (slightly rusty) EMS skills to use. No big traumas to speak of... but work called on the way in. Wanted me to give them ANYTHING, 12hrs, 8, 4, whatever I could. Told them where to stick it! I wish they would stop calling on my nights off.

We started slow. Transferred a patient from community hospital to my beautiful university medical center. Had a lady that got hit in the head with a beer bottle (I convinced her not to go to the ER), a 21 year old psych patient and a SA. I was able to spend some time with my cop since we were posted in his beat for a while. We also responded on the SA with him. I liked working together. I think we make a pretty good team professionally as well.

The SA was a little fucked up. I don't think the patient was telling us the truth. My take was that it was probably a rock for a ride gone bad. Rock for a ride is a trade off of a crack rock for "borrowing" the persons car. Great way of thinking huh?

You know what makes me crazy?? The nurses that work at other hospitals really treat these medics like shit. I was shocked at the attitudes that got thrown in our general direction. I was in secret squirrel mode.... didn't want the nurses to know I was the trauma nurse from downtown. I was waiting for them to really get snotty towards my crew... and then was gonna get 'em. I know, I'm not as sweet as I used to be!!!

Back to work tonight... fun fun fun.

wear your seatbelt when riding with medics. They drive CRAZY!


Blogger shayla said...

I've noticed the same tendencies. EMS, EMT's, they're insane drivers & insane people. Love 'em.

You work a stressful job, dealing with injured people all shift, & what do you do on your night off for fun? Ride with your EMS friends. Sheesh. That's a sign of true vocation.


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