Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dr Rock

Ok, had another run-in with Dr Rock tonight. Fortunately, he only has about 5 more days on trauma... at least this year. There is a good chance that he will get held back a year and we might have to deal with him all over again. Last night he really had a bad attitude. He cannot manage a trauma, he must micro-manage... which just serves to piss me off. If he gets to try to do my job do I get to do his??? I can crack a chest... I know how. I'm allowed to cric I just have to chart in purple crayon.

I actually told Dr Rock tonight that if he had a problem with me he could find himself a new trauma nurse. I don't think he liked that. Oh well... again its not my job to make him happy.

One of my favorite nurses had his last shift tonight. He's going to finish his career at a nursing home as the nursing supervisor. There are quite a few people leaving. I think the consensus is that we just don't feel safe as practitioners anymore. There are too many patients, not enough nurses and NO support from the management. I shouldn't have to beg for help.. Especially if I have a tubed patient that needs some attention. I am thinking of leaving as well. I have called/emailed nurse managers in some of the ICU's so hopefully I will be outta here soon. Will probably stay in the ER part time just to keep up my skills. I feel like the ship is sinking and I don't want to be stuck on the freaking Titanic!!

Don't moon the triage nurse. We'll throw you out!!! (this really happened to me tonight!)


Blogger shayla said...

I just happened to stumble onto your blog. While i've never worked in a hospital during my time as a phlebotomist, i did do some clinical hours during my training. And have known any number of nurses in various positions, hospitals, nursing homes, doctor's offices.

But i want to say that your caring, your vocation, is evident in your postings on your blog here. And i can empathize with you with the short staffing issues, having had to deal with the same thing while working in nursing homes. It's the patients that suffer the most when staff's short. And the ones who care, aren't able to manage their time (no matter how good they are) to give their charges the care they need and deserve.

I hope, if you can be true to yourself in doing so, that you don't leave your position there. There's little doubt in my mind that your presence and commitment is evident to those around you, hopefully even to this Dr Rock.

In the meantime, i'm going to keep on reading your blog. It's good to come across it.


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