Friday, May 12, 2006

Deluxe Urinals

Back again to the wonders of this department. The trauma room has been totally silent all night long (note I didn't say quiet, we don't use that word). Have had another run of crazy peeps. I've been called a fucking bitch a couple of times. I don't argue.... I can be one from time to time.

The doc tonight we call Dr Chia-Face. He answers to it! He was one of our residents that graduated and stayed with the hospital. Its like having a sarcastic big brother around. When you ask for orders for patients 99% of the time he answers "I don't care." I told him that he should just drop medicine and be a professional smartass. He doesn't think it pays as well. Dr Tox is down the hall in medical. Have managed to avoid him for most of the night. Dr Rock is GONE. Where?? To quote Chia-face "I don't care."

So am sitting in the pitch dark trauma room listening to the environmental services staff joke and laugh and waiting for day shift to get here. Its not a bad deal on nights like this.

I saw a box labeled 'DELUXE URINALS' in the supply room. If the crappy ones we have are deluxe, than what do the really crappy ones look like?? Hmmmm.... food for thought.

Have my interview in the Neuro ICU this morning. Will see how that goes.

Roaches and paraplegics with pus coming out of their ass never die!


Blogger shayla said...


I did *not* need that visual, thank you very much.


7:14 PM  
Blogger Jeff Deutsch said...

Hello JeepGirl,

Crappy urinals...hmmm...pun intended?

Jeff Deutsch

8:51 PM  

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