Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just another day...

Hmmm... gotta love another Friday night in the ER. Not in trauma, but turns out that was a good thing. Started the evening with a few characters. Magda, from 'There's Something About Mary' stopped by with a torn bicep. Not kidding... she had the hair, gold stuff smeared all over her face and these big bug-eye glasses with purple lenses. FREAKY! Next to her was a sad case.. 38 year old, told her family she was going to kill herself, walked into the other room and BAM she did it. She was pretty much brain dead when I got her... and (gross out moment here) had grey matter.. (which really looks pink from the blood) oozing out of the hole. I found out later that her family decided to donate her organs, so there is something good that comes out of this after all.

I poked my head into the trauma room later on to see if they needed a hand. When we hear screaming the nurses always investigate. That unrestrained driver from the MVA wasn't too happy, but while I was in there the trauma doc started to feel sick. I have not mentioned this girl here before. We will call her Doc W/Balls. To be a female in a surgical residency not only takes brains, but you have to be tough as nails too. This girl has all of that. She's tough, works hard but genuinely cares for her patients. They are more than just another case to her. She is also a friend.

So Doc W/Balls scared the crap outta me tonight. We got her to another bed in the trauma room where she promptly fainted. I couldn't get her to talk, even when I did a sternal rub. After about 2 minutes of sheer terror, (and an IV, blood sugar and monitor... not sure how I moved that fast) she started to make some sense. We checked her out and I think she was just taking care of everyone else and not herself. She went home with her husband (a surgery fellow and a great guy) and was told not to come back until Monday. 2 days off for these guys is like a freaking vacation. I know she'll be fine.

Nothing else major of note last night. Worked with 'The Visiting Dr", one of our attendings who puts in minimum clinical hours because he does a LOT of research. He is always fun and good for a few laughs.

Don't tell the nurse/doc/cop/lawyer/judge that you only had 2 beers. None of us believe you anyway.


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