Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Why is it that all the crazies show up at the same time? I was in medical again and it was crazy person central. Fortunately, I didn't have the psych zone. There were a couple of *special* folks acting up. There was a guy that ate the tape from his IV because he was angry we TDO'd him. This same guy took an empty urinal at a patient who was sitting in the hall. He scared the hell outta her!! (I wonder if it was the deluxe one?)

I had a drunk/high guy wait 8 hours in the waiting room to be seen for erectile dysfunction. UMMMMM.... that was a fun conversation to have. When asked if he had high risk sex with other people, he replied... 'I'd rather have women, but you know....', lovely. So he didn't get viagra....

I'm sure I have more snappy things to say about last night, but damn I'm tired right now. Maybe I'll pop back on later and make a little more sense. Plus these hiccups are a bitch!

Just don't piss me off. Thats all I ask


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