Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Otis Redding

Sunday night I was in medical... Remember the Green Mile? It would appear that most of the local psych community was trying to get themselves admitted. I had a zone of 4 rooms, and 3 of them were psych holds. Most of the time these patients will eat turkey sandwiches and sleep. For the most part they don't need much. One of the other nurses had an old black guy... (I think he was mid-60's) that didn't get that memo. He stood in the doorway of his room and sang the whole time! He was pretty good though! He did gospel, Ray Charles, the Temptations (with choreography!) and other stuff I don't even know. I was calling report and could hear him singing 'Georgia' in the background. How great is that? Of course when he took a break he would wack off and play with his nipples.... and some of the dancing was naked. Maybe that was a part of the show!

Got off work yesterday and went to State Police Aviation Unit with the fiancee. I have a friend who is a paramedic with the flight program and he let us hang out and play inside the helicopters. (BK 117 and Bell 407) Obviously I was a HAPPY girl. I love the smell of Jet-A fuel. I could have stayed there all day. Yes, flying is on my agenda as soon as I get enough experience to do that.

There was another police shooting yesterday. This one was in Fairfax. My cop and I were up there a few weeks ago so he could go to a gang conference. He was going to do a ride-along, but wasn't able to work the details out... and I was having a bad feeling about the whole thing. Well, last night a teenager with outstanding child molestation warrants went to the precinct that my cop was going to ride with and opened fire. A detective was killed and two other officers were shot as well. Chills me to the bone. I've found it takes some nerve to be in a relationship with an officer. Maybe thats where all of those gray hairs have come from. (I'm toooo young for them!!)

Drugs are bad.... don't do drugs M'Kay?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OUr office and home are within a few miles of this station. It was a terrifying day. Seriously.

Our hearts go out to the officers and the fact that your "cop" wasn't there that day.

Can you change the post so that it doesn't reflect that the actual shooter had molestation warrants? As heinous as his actions were and understanding the gravity of what he did...he didn't have that type of history and you only perpetuate his mental illness by claiming the warrants, no matter what the cop community wants to say.

Just a thought. Some people do live in this part of the world too - and know the officers shot and the shooter in question.

As I said...just a thought. Your blog.

12:32 AM  

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