Sunday, May 07, 2006

Gone Racin'

Theres nothing like a Saturday night race night in the South. People get crazy. The traffic is insane, you can hear the cars for miles around, and the buzz of 100,000+ people in our backyard can be felt on the air. I myself am not a big race girl. I know who's who and can follow it, but would rather be at a Buffett show than packed next to redneck #1 and redneck #2, neither of whom have showered recently.

So imagine my happiness to walk into the ER and see my name as high priestess of the trauma room on race night. The room was stocked and ready to roll. I had a great docs (Dr Miami... who married a trauma attending, Dr Calm, a kick ass intern and Dr Yoda... the short, quiet attending who can kick some ass when there is ass to be kicked). What a great group!

\Not as many race casualties for the night. Had 2 race related traumas. (No drivers.. that was a few years back). The only one of note was the guy that was sooooo drunk that he fell off the tram going to the parking lot after the race. He was so trashed that I think he slept through most of his workup. I'll bet he wakes up this morning with a huge hangover wondering where the hell he is!

Otherwise, had a bunch of accidents.. only 1 GSW. Apparently there was a shooting earlier today and 2 were left on scene. I think we are over 30 homicides now. Oh, and how's this shit... I had the stupid man that kept stabbing himself a while back. What a moron. Well... he decided to try and rob a bank, took a hostage, stole a car and then was waving a FAKE gun in front of the police. Needless to say the police didn't know the gun was fake and DAMN.. another case of lead poisoning. Had to call my friend the flight medic and tell him about that.

Had breakfast with my cop and about 4 others. While we were eating a little girl came up to thank them for protecting her and her family. Awwww.....

Note to self... drunks bounce.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny...I didn't realize you were in/outside of Richmond.

Although I don't watch Nascar as a religion or frequent races as with a lot of other things said on your blog you might be pleasantly surprised at the depth and variety of people that go to Nascar events.

You may have your typs' the ones that smell and are redneck [your words] but you also might be shocked at the number of people that actually bath, bring their families and don't drink....meanwhile enjoying those that do.

You aren't that much younger than me but you [and I guess your chosen profession?] make you a whole lot more squirrely and cynical than I would've ever wanted to be at your age - You and your "cop" are to be commended for your choice of professions - we respect and admire your choice, but you don't seem long for the nursing world as I read your archives backwards and you get worse [how is that possible!] - and your narrow views of so many things make me thankful you aren't where I live....

I can see the passion you have for your profession and I hope the flight nurse position works out b/c then maybe you will be validated...until, you are just scary!

12:41 AM  

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