Friday, May 26, 2006

Dragging On

I was in medicine last night. You know how some nights (days, classes, flights... etc etc ect) just drag on... like there is no end. Yeah, that was me last night. I started out with a transfer with a MASSIVE head bleed. I swear, it looked like someone had set a bomb off in this poor guys head. Unfortunately, his family was not so enlightened about the situation, and when told he had no chance of recovery they went nuts. I really thought Dr T from neurosurg was going to get hit by the guy's son. I can understand the grief. As Dr T said, you could just feel the tension in that room. So, he went up to NSICU and (hopefully) will have a peaceful passing when the family pulls the plug this morning.

Had a couple pf crazies, doing what they do best (... you know, being crazy). But mostly just the same ol' folks with the same ol' stuff. The doc up in trauma was another big troublemaker. He had a crazy old guy yelling at him and finally asked him "so what planet are you from 'cause you are a freak man." I thought the old guy was gonna have kittens! He said he's going to write a letter and have the docs job....Hmmmm... I think the crazy man would do better than Dr Rock did. I'll have to keep you posted on that one.

Had lunch with one of the girls that I'm good friends with. We always have the best lunch conversations. For example, tonight we were talking about head injuries and how a head bleed is not a bad way to go. I had a prisoner once who had a huge bleed and (due to the spinal cord injury... He had tried to hang himself) he also had a huge erection (called priaprism to us *medical professionals*). In order to keep the tissues down there from dying the urologist gave him a big shot of epinepherine in the penis. My friend K's thought.... "Well, he was gonna die anyway, why didn't they just let him go with a hard-on? That way he would go happy!'

Oh my aching ass.....

If your mom is the VP of the University, don't drink and drive. ... and don't hit 3 parked cars and be a trauma alert. Thats waaaayyy too much to deal with at 6am!


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