Thursday, May 18, 2006

Getting Through

So yesterday was one of my few days off and I spent the evening doing the ER community project. We go to schools and other places where we can speak to groups of young people. Last night we did some injury prevention, evaluation of high risk behavior and some forensics as well. All in all we had a very good turnout. This was not one of our school-based programs, so most of the kids were there because their parents made them. Not exactly the best crowd. The parents were in another room talking with a psychologist about why kids do this and that.

So I was doing some trauma stuff with them and you know there is always one kid that has to be a pain in the ass. We had ages 12-18 in the audience and it was the 18 year old who was acting up. Apparently, he is in private school and is just way "too cool" for all of this. Yes, he was acting like an asshole. I think the consensus was that he WILL be a trauma alert at some point, its just a matter of time. I tried to throw some DUI stats in his general direction, but he's gonna be the one who hits an innocent person (or family) and walks away with a scratch and his lawyer's number. I think some of the kids got something out of the program... maybe we just needed more gory pictures. Kids love gory pictures.

Before I get going there was an email sent out to the ER staff from the executive secretary. One of my favorite residents from a few years ago left us and went into the military. CNN came across him in a hospital in Iraq. There is a story, and some great video to go with it. If you go to WWW.CNN.COM and search Capt Steinbruner you will get the site. I miss this guy, He is a great doc and I know he is doing good stuff over there.

Helmets save lives. Motorcycles, bikes whatever. Wear your damn helmet.


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