Thursday, May 25, 2006


Tonight I was supposed to be off. I'm scheduled to work every other day this week. Not sure I get the logic there, but anyway. One of the night shift girls wanted to come in late so she could see the end of American Idol. I don't watch it and could care less about who wins, so I worked the first 4 and she stayed home end rooted for some soul guy. (I don't know their names)

I walked in and the trauma room was TRASHED! When I left this morning it was pristine, quiet... hard to describe. Almost like a church at night with the lights off. When I returned it was like we had a war down there. I heard they had about 14 traumas, including some dumbass who was running from the police, decided he wasn't going back to jail and plugged himself in the head. I'm sure the city folks will find some way to blame the city officers. So when I got there we had 3 traumas rolling in the door and a dead body in the last trauma bed. I don't know who moved him, but the body was gone when the 4th trauma rolled in.

Ok, I must post a little commentary on the Jerry Springer situations that we frequently have in the trauma room. I realize that in this day and time people aren't as faithful and happy with marriage as they once were. Cheating is everywhere. But it needs to not show up in my trauma room. I'm tired of covering for you people! Tonight trauma dude was in the car with his girlfriend and her sister. Sister rolled the car and they all came and saw us in trauma. Well, dude and girlfriend are both married (not to each other!) When their respective spouses started calling and then showing up?!?!? What do you think happened? DRAMA!!! Theres always someone's baby-daddy doing something he ain't supposed to, and (in this case) the baby-momma was too! I can just hear the trauma team now.... JERRY JERRY JERRY!

One more note before I get to bed....

when you run from the po-lice with your (illegal) gun. Don't run with your finger on the trigger dumbass. (This has really happened)

On second thought... Darwin would disagree.... run with your finger on the trigger. If you do shoot yourself in the head by accident then you are out of the gene pool!!


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Social Darwinism is a wonderful thing.


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