Sunday, May 21, 2006

Good Nurse, Bad patient

Have been a little slack on this thing. I worked Friday night and was SOOO tired when I got home. I actually went in early to do a favor for a friend. Usually when one person comes in early for someone, the other person returns the favor the next day. At least thats how the night shift usually works. I was doing this for a day shift girl... I should have known. She wondered in at 5 minutes to 7 the next morning.

So I worked a little day shift on Friday. One word.. PAINFUL! I walked into the trauma room and it was sheer chaos. 4 patients, 2 were ICU players, 1 had just gotten there and the fourth didn't speak English (he had fallen into a trash can! EWWWWW). I got 2 of them moved out and went to help the nurse with the actively crumping patient. This old guy was in an accident, had significant facial swelling and had been tubed. Since then he had received NO sedation and she was wondering why he was hypertensive and tachycardic?!?!?! DUH... he's awake genius! So when they gave his sedation and pain meds, they gave too much and sent his pressure through the toilet and couldn't get it back up... and then he had an MI! (heart attack... prob due to low bp) What a freaking mess. I was so happy when 7pm got there and the dumbasses left.

Oh, I had a patient try to hit me that night, too. 27 year old gsw to the back. Once we got X-Rays we found out that the bullet was tiny and didn't do any damage. He was being a big ole pussy (sorry, thats the word the doc used) and wouldn't even sit up in the bed. I was on one side, the med student on the other and we went to sit him up. Let me also say that I am 5 feet tall on a good day and definitely not a big girl. When we went to pull him he yelled that I was pulling too hard (I was giving it everything... he was a big dude) the he tried to punch me! Fortunately, Dr B was in the room and was up in the guys face in about 2 seconds. Dr B's wife is a nurse so he doesn't tolerate shit from these patients. I was ready to hit the guy back if it went that way. (I'm small, but when I'm pissed I pack a mean punch.) Glad I stopped myself. Then I would have been no better that that piece of shit. My cop wanted me to press charges, I'm still thinking about it.

So last night we had the ER Spring Fling at one of the nurse's houses in the country. It was fun to get away with everyone and just relax.

ok, I'm off and I'm STARVING. I wonder if Papa John's is open yet. Hmmmm....



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