Sunday, May 28, 2006

Friends and family

I have mentioned that holidays suck. My opinion has not changed. Memorial Day weekend is the beginning of summer for most... but for us in the emergency department its the opening of the summer floodgates. Remember there was a nurse who was letting a patient bleed and doing nothing? We'll call her A. A thinks she does well in the trauma room. I hate following her because the room is trashed and shit isn't done. I got the room today with 2 patients in there. The pt in 4 was the brother of one of our paramedics. Sweet guy, wrecked his motorcycle. Actually, he lost control and his best friend (her boyfriend) hit him with a pickup. DAMN! As I was getting peeps out we got an unusual case. A 4 year old climbed into moms SUV which was still running. Kiddo managed to get the truck into drive and went downhill into a tree. So essentially we had a 4 yo unrestrained driver into a tree!!!

Poor kid wasn't doing well. Mom can in with the squad and was starting to freak. A wanted her to stay in the room and I was all about her getting out. I usually am a big advocate for family presence at the bedside, but if mom was going to freak out then she needed to freak in the family room.

Had a a drunk come in later on. Not sure what hurt more... his broken legs or the fact that he totaled a '68 Mustang. He was drunk as hell.. but didn't get charged with DUI because the officer "didn't smell alcohol" on him. I was across the room and could smell it!!! But this guy got off. His alcohol was 2650!!! Thats over 3 times legal! I found out later that this guy was the cousin of a nurse that I sometimes work with. At least he was nice.

Had some other drunk losers. I got moved out of the trauma room at 3am because we were short on nurses. I mean we were really really short. The CC's had to come in and work. Some of them hadn't worked at the bedside in years! But you know what worries me? The administration doesn't even seem to care that we are short. We were even given a hard time this morning when the trauma room wasn't checked off! A even had the balls to say "I don't even feel like checking the airway carts."

Excuse me?!?!? My loved ones live, work and drive in this city. If you aren't doing your job then you put their safety and well-being at risk. Check the carts bitch!!!

Ok, I'm tired.....

If you are drunk, high and wrecked your car then put on your man-pants and own up to it you pussy.


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