Saturday, May 27, 2006

Going out

One thing I have found out about the girls that I work with, we are all very close. When one of us is having a bad day we take care of each other. My friend K and I had debated calling out for Saturday and going into the beach. I called her when I woke up and she was in tears. K is in the middle of a nasty separation and her baby had to leave with dad for the weekend. K was in no mood to go to the beach. So we decided to go to BW3's for a couple of drinks instead. I think that really helped. We sat on the patio and bitched about work and the people there.

There was a medic that works in the city who was also there last night with her wedding party. She had her rehearsal dinner and thats where they went out to drink afterwards. Yes, I am just starting to plan my own wedding, and let me tell you I have NO intention of getting as carried away as this girl. I think we have decided on some beach somewhere.

So I made it home with no problems last night. I didn't have much to drink at all. Not gonna be a trauma alert on my night off. Plus I had a ride home just in case.

This is memorial day weekend. Not a good thing. I work tonight, Saturday and Monday. I expect BAD things. I think I mentioned on Easter that holidays SUCK!

Have a gross-out suggestion....

when eating out on the road CHEW YOUR FOOD! I sucking half-chewed burgers out of your belly is not my idea of a good time!


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