Sunday, May 28, 2006

Trauma Bingo

I forgot to mention this on the post before I went to bed. Yes, we played trauma bingo last night. Picture your typical bingo card. B-I-N-G-O. Each letter has a row of numbers under it. We changed from numbers to traumas. My "card" included Dirty Ejected Patient; Shot in the Groin/Buttocks; Piercing of Unmentionable Nature; Thorocotomy; ETOH (thats alcohol) Level Over 4000 (0.4... not unheard of in these parts); DRT Trauma (dead right there... should have stayed dead on scene); Spanish Speaking Only.. I can't remember what else. Trauma Bingo has us all paying a little more attention to the mundane trauma assessment. I was waiting for the drunk ejected mexican... I could have gotten a bingo off of that case alone!

I was checking out another blog earlier that belonged to some doc. He had pictures on his. Now I have some damn cool pictures and stories to go with, but damn if I know how to get them on here. Let me know if anyone out there knows how and I will get you some pictures on here!!!

'Dirty Feet with Crack in the Ass' BINGO!!!!


Blogger shayla said...

Lemme ask the Resident Computer Geek. He'll know. Go ahead & e-mail me if you like.


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