Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Walking the Green Mile

Memorial Day in Green... can I tell you what a relief it was to see that when I walked in tonight. I did, however walk into Psych-Central. Crazy Crazy Crazy going on back there. Fortunately my peeps stayed quietly crazy in their own rooms! The trauma room was rocking all night long. It was so nice to not have to deal with that for once. Several of the trauma docs pulled me aside and said that they were missing me tonight. The nurse who had the room is known for decompensating and getting bitchy when she is overwhelmed.

So PD brought me a first. Jose and Pablo are brothers and got to fighting. So both were under arrest and had to be seen for their injuries. Well, we only had 1 Doc who spoke Spanish. (I do as well, but not fluent at all!). So Thing 1 and Thing 2, as I called them, had to be seen in the same room. Well, turns out they didn't just speak Spanish, but some dialect that even my Doc from Spain didn't know!

Had another freaky freak come in. Her complaint "My herpes has spread up my belly". GROSS!!! Well, she went to the bathroom a couple of times and got busted smoking. People pull that shit all the time. They still don't get that oxygen and fire are BAD! She was told not to do that anymore. We went to discharge her and walked in to a room full of smoke. The bitch was smoking in her room! We were like, PUT THE CIGARETTE OUT!!! She gave us a hard time!! I had to call the PD to make her 1) put the cigarette out and 2) leave! ARRUUGHGGHH!!!!

I have to say, working here has really changed my perspective on things that I never used to think twice about. Before I started there I was all for donating blood. Then I saw the assholes who actually got blood and really didn't want to do that anymore. I am still an organ donor and feel strongly about that.... but tonight someone really pissed me off. We had a nurse who came in with shortness of breath. He had hypertension induced kidney failure. He was on dialysis for 14 years before he got a kidney transplant. Well, about 2 years ago he changed jobs and his insurance changed. So he stopped taking his anti-rejection meds. So, his kidneys were pooping out and going into failure. His thoughts were "well it happens, I'll get another one." Are you kidding me?!?!?! Thats the biggest load of shit I have ever heard.

Restrained or not, driving off of a highway overpass is always BAD!


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