Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life Comes First

Sometimes life just has to come first. Thats what I have been telling myself when it comes to this blog. I keep meaning to get back to it, but theres always something. Lately it has been the WiFi that I use in the neighborhood. Yup, I'm too cheap to pay for it. Even better, I got rid of the cable TV so I have really been out of the loop.

The uniform day came and went. I went to some site on the internet and ordered the requisite blue scrubs. Actually, I needed some help as I have been wearing hospital scrubs for so long that I'm not sure what sizes to get. (Mens Medium with the orange drawstring doesn't translate to Allheart.com). The girls got me hooked up and there ya go. I keep getting compliments about losing weight.... a combo of divorce and more form fitting uniforms I guess.

The downside of uniforms? I am now more careful about what I do. I know, I know, we should always be careful. What I mean is I have to think more about what I'm wearing than what I'm doing. Case in point: in the trauma room I had a 400lb patient pour gasoline over herself and light on fire. (No shit... 90% 3rd degree.... between the rolls and her feet were the only not burned areas) I went to put in her foley. Usually with the big girls I just crawl up on the foot of the bed and its no biggie. I went to do that and had to stop and think "these are MY scrubs from home... I have to drive home in these." I hollered for a few towels to kneel on and proceeded with caution.

As a side note: she died.

I got into it with one of the trauma residents as well. I have learned to listen to my gut. If nobody takes anything else from this blog forever and ever please Please PLEASE listen to your gut. This guy was an MVC vs a tree. He was pinned by the belly for greater than 20 minutes. His BP by the flight crew was 115 systolic and he had a rigid abdomen. We did our thing and I sent one of the other (stable) patients out of the trauma room to an open bed in the ER. The resident jumped my shit because I didn't ask him. I  told him to take care of this new patient who was much sicker. The resident called me "snarky" and continues to bitch. I reminded him that we weren't doing this in the trauma and to please go take care of his patient. He finally did an ultrasound and declared the belly "fine." Meanwhile the bp has dropped and this 32 year old is becoming more and more tachycardic. I questioned this a couple of times... including asking about a rectal exam for blood and a foley for CT cysto.... No (per the resident) to both.

The patient went to CT.... I stayed in the trauma room with 2 other patients. Apparently, "Oh My GOD..." was the diagnosis. This kid had a belly FULL of blood. He had transected his colon/bowels in several places and may have ruptured his bladder as well. Some days I told you so just isn't enough....

Anyway, I need sleep. Will try to be better at the blog from now on but, as I said, these days life comes first. I'll do my best.