Saturday, September 22, 2007

Old McDonald

Old MacDonald had a dairy farm and got caught in the manure auger. He was trapped there for over 4 hours before his farm assistant found him. I am VERY glad I wasn't in the helicopter with him, the smell had to be unbelievable.

Mr McDonald had a skull fracture, neck fracture with paralysis and huge injury to his shoulder. He has a wonderful family and 3 kids. He will be my new "project" in the ICU for a while. I know the the trauma surgery ICU nurses originally admitted him. They were responsible for scraping all of the manure off and OUT of this poor soul. When they washed his skull fracture out they found hair, blood AND manure in and on his brain. Ewwwww!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I haven't heard anything from the interview yet. Being that the second part is about a week away, I figure I probably didn't make the cut. A lot of these programs already have their mind made up when the position is opened. Oh well, experience is experience.

I don't usually plug other blogs or websites here. For some reason one of my most frequented (but obviously not favorite) sites is sticking in my head tonight.


This is a site about fallen police officers. There is a running tally of how many officers have died in the line of duty this year. You can click on the officer and get a synopsis about what happened. You can then add a thought to the officer or their families/colleagues. There are some familiar names and faces there for me. I check it every few days, just to see what has been going on.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


The interview went pretty well. I went in thinking I was gonna get the grilling of my life. I had been studying and prepping for this thing for days. When I walked in there were 5 people (not the three that the chief flight nurse had mentioned). I felt like General Patreas in front of the senate! Each person took turns asking me questions.... and there was a notepad in front of me... I wasn't sure why. (they said I could take notes on the questions).

So all of the questions were "personality" type stuff. No medical stuff at all. I just hope I didn't come across sounding like freaking Rainman. I should hear something about the second part of the process (the medical grilling part) next week.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Holy Shit!

I have an interview. I got a call back from a really good flight program. It is a bit of a drive, but for 2 days a week I think it is doable. My interview is at noon on 9/11. Everyone think of me!

Monday, September 03, 2007


I'm pretty pissed right now, so excuse the PC absence in this rant.

We had a medical ICU patient last night. She vomited and pooped blood on one of the floors and then stopped breathing. We had the 'code bed' so she came to us.

This woman was a big drinker and drank herself into Hep C and liver failure. In 1999 she shaped up and got a new liver. I wonder how long she waited before she hit the bottle again. So she comes to the hospital days ago after..... Dum DA DA...... vomiting blood. She did some time in the medical ICU and then to the floor.

Thats where I come in....

This lady was tubed, maxed on pressors (her bp was in the shitter) acidotic as hell and (oh yeah) her hemoglobin was 4. So I spent the night giving her LOTS and LOTS of blood and blood products, trying desperately to get her bp up and arguing with the medical ICU intern. Around midnight her pupils stopped working. She was bleeding from everywhere and probably spontaneously bled into the brain. The intern tried to convince me that the pupils were working and I "just couldn't see it."
So she is probably brain dead, the intern doesn't believe it and we are in a blood shortage and she is getting blood as fast as she bleeds it out. Grrrrrrr........

LifeNet was in the ICU for several other cases in the hospital (its Labor Day weekend, this is not a surprise). The coordinator and I are friends... I told her if they gave this chick another liver I would kick her ass!!!

I was so over the night that I didn't make it to work tonight... oh well. Hopefully the chick will be gone when I come back.