Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catch Up

There is not enough time or web space to catch up for the last two months. In a nutshell.... I started running (first race not too long ago), the ER is a hot mess. We have a new director who looks promising, however that doesn't make up for the fucked-up-ness (new word) that the management left behind has implemented. We have had sad cases, our frequent drunks are the same and sometimes people work together and the job gets done. I told one of the bitches to fuck off when she tried to boss me around and even got the clinical coordinator to tell her to back down. I took a lot of shit off these old wenches and that day is done. Nobody is going to just walk over me anymore. That might cause some waves, but in my opinion that is exactly what that shithole needs.

Hope to keep up a little better.